i love international fashion

What does I Love Inter/National Fashion insinuate?

The main concept of the upcoming exhibition/conference was born this year in Creative Europe Berlin and afterwards designed at the Academy of Design in Ljubljana. It was more than evident that professionals working in the field of fashion and textile design require an exchange of experiences and ideas on a current basis. Current trends are changing swiftly; fashion is an intercultural dialog without frontiers and boundaries and textile design is facing new challenges.

Frequent and omnipresent topic is ecology. “Can designers save the world? How can we change it?” Reinventing technologies for the manufacture of natural fibres, dyeing with natural colours and hand-manufacture, etc., these are all topics on the agenda.

Last but not least, if we want to “save the world”, is the matter of product management. High fashion has the privilege and the possibility to create a world of its own.
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Dear ILIF friends! 23. 03. 2009 We are in great expectation of our up-coming event. If you have any questions regarding the event, do not hesitate to contact us . read more